A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve seen it written in hundreds or thousands of articles. But what does that relate to your home furnishings business? In our industry, photography is a vital component to brand identity. Your products in the showroom can illustrate the best components of your brand. Yet how do you convey that message to your online showroom? Product image photography is more than the standards of old print catalogs. Now, your shoppers expect the same in-store product presentation on your website. 

Your website and your brand rely on product visualization to sell a shopper at first glance. The other details follow. How do you make sure your product image photography stands out from the other brands in the same retail store?

We know you put a lot of work into making your showroom as eye-catching as possible. We see the displays of outstanding product presentation at every furniture market showroom. But are your clients getting the same representation when they visit your website? We want to take this time to underscore the importance of product image photography on your website.

Another benefit BROKEN LENZ MEDIA provides to our clients is creating brand-specific landing pages. We know that for manufacturers, it’s hard to control your brand’s visibility across all the dealers in your market. That’s why we’ve made an even stronger connection between the website for your retailers and the brand you represent. Brand visibility is challenging but we see it as a priority for manufacturers and a benefit to retailers. You can feature them on your home page and steer traffic in their direction to drive sales. Doing this allows you to get the most benefit you can from our partnership.

Our company can help you visualize concepts beyond standard image layouts to create something genuinely evocative of a specific brand.

Great photographs can carry over the same experience visitors get when stepping inside your store to your website. You can focus in on brands representing the type of merchandise your store favors.

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