Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is the best approach to keeping one’s body in great shape (bodybuilding). You’ve done the work, logging in hours at the gym (body goals), worked through your training plan, prepped & ate the healthiest meals. Now that you look like a fitness model, feel amazing, it’s time to take some photos! Let us capture the healthiest, happiest, sexiest version of yourself. We will start by talking to you about who you are, what are your goals, and why you want to do this photo-shoot. We discuss the looks, poses, locations (outdoors or in my studio), hair/make-up/wardrobe, the works for you. Then we will work up a shot list, We recommend a Pinterest board to share with us or sharing photos that inspire you on Instagram. We talk many times before the shoot to ensure, you have everything you will need to feel confident, and ready for the shoot! Contact us today!