Last year we signed on to help create a video that would promote the fundraising and importance of the Fallen Officer Monument in Yuma. This project was initially supposed to be just a couple minutes with highlights to emphasize the importance and why this was needed here in the southwest. Little did we know that the project would take on a life of its own. We listened to the stories and met the officers that currently served and we knew that we had to tell the story. We had to share the stories that were impacting us deep to our core.

We recently received news that the monument fundraising has reached the point to allow the building permits to be submitted and plans to move forward. Talk about exciting!! We want to keep helping and fundraising and moving things forward as much as we can.

This short film will be shown again at the Littlewood Fine Art and Community Co-Op on the 19th of April. There will be an art auction, live painting, all the beautiful artistic artiness to benefit a wonderful cause. Watching the amount grow and the community comes together to help push this project forward has been exciting and we would love to see all of you there.

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