When we sat down for the initial meeting of this project we knew that it had to be special.

It not only had to portray honor and gratitude to the memory of those who have fallen but the vision was to also honor the commitment that all officers have made to our community.  As military spouses we look at the uniform our spouses wear as honor, commitment and sacrifice.  While the uniforms are different, the core of it’s meaning is the same.   Our loved ones have given their word to protect something precious to many with what could possibly result in paying with their life.

During the filming of this project we have learned the stories of just a few officers and talked to many more still serving.  I can speak for the team in saying that we deeply love our community and gratitude to our law enforcement doesn’t come nearly often enough. We wanted to show that even though it isn’t always heard there is always someone out there saying “thank you”. We cannot wait to show the final project and hope that the film will serve as a visual reminder that as a community we can give back and we can honor those that have fallen and say thank you our men and women in uniform. Please share this video as you wish and we hope to see everyone when the full length film is shown at the Co Op on the 20th of this month. Thank you from all of us at Broken Lenz Media and Littlewood Fine Art and Community CoOp.

  1. Avatar Jerry cottle says:

    this commercial makes no sense ,are they telling us they are building a monument or trying to build one and why the cemetery and hat on the ground? do you want us to visit the monument or how are they paying for it ? it really makes no sense .

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